15 Jobs We’ll Need in the Near Future

Jobs We’ll Need in the Near Future

The way we look to the future is changing fast. We can’t predict all the possibilities for what it will be like in the next five, 10 or 20 years, but it looks like these 15 jobs will be in high demand.Jobs We’ll Need in the Near Future

1. App Developers

Apps aren’t going away. Free online universities like MIT Open Courseware and Coursera are teaching people to code. App developers don’t need to pass tests or have a license. They only need to be able to demonstrate which apps they’ve created.

2. AI Operations Managers

AI is already becoming increasingly prevalent with chatbots, robocalls and finding buried information in large swaths of data. As the use of AI moves into businesses, people will be needed to manage that database. Teams and team managers will be necessary to keep them running smoothly.

3. Robotics Designer

Robots have already come a long way. Designers will become increasingly popular as they shift to mainstream consumers, but this isn’t common technology. This is a field you’ll probably need to have traditional schooling in, along with years of practical experience.

4. Drone Managers

Amazon is already looking at using drones for delivery, and that’s expected to expand to many other industries as well. It’s likely to become an entire segment of many companies, so someone will be raking in cash to keep it running.

5. Self-Driving Car Mechanics

Car mechanics are always needed, but right now there’s a shortage of people who can work on electric cars. People who can specialize in repairs and maintenance will be in high demand. A degree in this isn’t necessary, but hands-on experience and a good mentor will be.

6. Telesurgeon

Robotic surgery already exists, but it’s difficult to find a surgeon who can do it.

7. Gamification Designer

Games are a great way to learn, and as kids are increasingly allowed to learn through technology, games will be the way to make it happen. It works out well, since children learn best through play, but that means someone will have to make the games fun.

8.Vocational Nurse

An aging population means nurses will be needed more and more in places like nursing homes and hospice care. For this position, you need to be licensed and have the proper background, but the pay is decent, and the profession is predicted to grow 25 percent by 2022.

9. Rewilder

A rewilder takes areas that no longer house people and helps return them to their natural state. This means tearing down buildings, installing native plants and helping the region become as productive for wildlife as it can.


With the rise of genetic testing, some lawyers who understand genetics and the law will find themselves uniquely positioned for the unusual niche of genetic discrimination lawyer. To do this, you’d need to have a background in genetics and pass the bar, so the competition will be slim. You can expect to establish laws that will become precedents in the future.

11. Professional Upcycler

Humans, in general, produce a lot of trash. One of the best ways to get rid of it is to find a way to reuse that garbage, which is exactly what an upcycler does. This profession would benefit from some artistic talent and enthusiasm for transformation, but won’t need a formal degree.

12. Fish Farmers

Fish are a dwindling resource, thanks to humans scouring the oceans for decades. As we continue to see a decline in wild populations, more and more people will begin turning to farmed fish. Fish farmers can fill that void and help keep species alive.

13. Kelp Farmers

Kelp is an up-and-coming aspect of helping the seas recover. Kelp farms provide food for people and fish, and can help remove carbonic acid from the water, improving the quality of oceans around the world.

14. Solar Technology Specialist

Solar technology is likely to continue expanding, and that means more people will need to have someone close by to help troubleshoot and repair issues with it.

15. End of Life Coach

An aging population that continues to live longer than the one before it means people will be dealing with death before they die. An end-of-life coach will help you make appropriate arrangements for your death, funeral and possessions, as well as helping you come to grips with your own mortality.

Health care and technology are some of the fastest-growing industries right now, and will continue to be for years to come. To work in health care, you’ll need the proper educational background and licensing. For tech, a computer science degree would come in handy, but isn’t necessary if you can prove your skills. Both will earn a decent income, and the opportunities are pretty much limitless.