Biomedical Engineering – Things you are eager to know

biomedical engineering

What is Biomedical engineering?

Biomedical engineering entails you to apply engineering principles with medical and biological sciences for designing and creating equipment, computer systems, devices as well as software used in healthcare.

Teenagers Observing a DNA Model
Teenagers Observing a DNA Model


  • You can opt as a research engineer in hospitals and OEM manufacturing companies
  • Impart your service as a biomedical engineer in hospitals
  • Biomedical engineering is regarded to be the most sought stream in engineering thanks to its utility and popularity
  • You can step in the shoes as service and application specialists in MNC’s

Job prospects

Technology is advancing on continuous basis and it has equally necessitated the biomedical engineers to regularly keep themselves on toes for creating newer horizons of work. Therefore, such a massive expansion of work has given birth to lots of job prospects. Furthermore, if you take a look at the figures of those employed, since years, you will know that a big percentage of workers are those who are quite aged, and they will be retiring between 2014 and 2024. So, according to a saying, make hay while the sun shines. Create a better platform for yourself in style which is synonymous lots of growth, respect and financial status as well.


Like other engineering courses, biomedical engineering comes up with its own growth opportunities. There might be few testing time for the freshers but that shouldn’t demoralise you towards getting the most appropriate job according to your calibre. A biomedical engineer initially earns 20,000 and considering the awesome growth prospects, it is all set to become bigger and better even in just a short span of time as well.

Higher study option

If you are looking for high prospects of job as well as salary then pursuing Masters is the next best option for you. For doing masters, you have IITs, IIT Madras, Bombay, Kharagpur and Hyderabad at your rescue.

Benefits attached with Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomedical engineering is the field which draws connection between engineering and healthcare and as a result, your engineering knowledge can be better put to good use towards further assisting you in healthcare.
  • Biomedical engineering gives you the time to think about specifically allotting towards becoming a doctor in future as you are supposed to work closely with hospitals. Due to professional necessities, you have regular interaction with medical staff and doctors as well.
  • Talking about research opportunities, they are indeed immense and massive. So much so, that other branches are gladly looking forward to carry out research in biomedical engineering.
  • On a humanitarian note, how can you deny the smiles on the faces of others?  More so, when you know that you are the person responsible for bringing happiness. Yes, that’s exactly is the case with biomedical solutions which somewhere help towards creating a pleasant society by improving on the health conditions of an individual. Since, health is considered to be the most priceless thing.


Finally, I hope that the post stands out to be complete towards giving you detailed information and knowledge about biomedical engineering, like the way you have wanted.