Fashion designing – Everything in detail you would love to know

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing is that wonderful art which demands lots of creativity and innovativeness for designing clothing and lifestyle accessories. The art takes its inspiration and influence from two things namely culture and social attributes and has seen its evolvement and advancement with passing time. The biggest reflection of the same can be seen by way of those royal people in history to those with respect to the present era.Fashion Designing

Undoubtedly, considering its so much of charisma, style and creativity and not forget to mention its glamour, there is enchanting and promising career options waiting for you. Sky is indeed the limit for you, if you love creativity and looking to create those style statements, then opting for the fashion designing course is indeed a suitable option for you. You know the fashion industry accomplishes the needs of the people looking for extra oomph, style and spice in their lives, and rightly so, when fashion is synonymous with fame, glamour and success to give you a boost to your sagging career forever.


In order to be eligible for enrolling yourself in a fashion designing course, you need to get at least 50% aggregate marks from a recognized university and you should be of minimum 17 years. Talking about under graduate course, it is of 4 years. Those opting for 2 year post graduate course need to be graduate from a recognized university. Reserved classes have relaxation of age in few specific universities

Jobs or career scope

If you are a magician with clothes, when it comes to shapes, designs and colors then the professional course is the best bet to enter the charismatic world of fashion. Since, there are lots of industries which will be more than happy to recruit you in terms of leather, garment as well as jewellery industry for the post of fashion designers, executives, and illustrators. Similarly you can find yourself working in export houses, jewellery houses, boutiques or associate yourself with organizers of fashion shows etc.

Therefore, considering the extent of scope which fashion designing courses offer, I need to come up with the list of the top institutes providing fashion designing courses:-

When it comes to opting for fashion designing course NIFT is the most obvious name which comes into force. Having its branches in various cities of the country, you can indeed get the best of training, expertise. Likewise, there are other institutes which are known for their exemplary courses as well such as

  • Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion.
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology,
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion


If it is trendy, it is in fashion and the whole world soon follows the same. So be that spark which people love to appreciate and follow you, through your exemplary and charismatic work. I am sure the feeling of creating a name for yourself is indeed that exemplary thing which certainly can’t be expressed in mere words. You ought to believe in yourself and sooner than later, the whole world is going to follow your style as well. So, the time has come when you need to tell the whole world, what you have got. Isn’t it?