General education – An overview

Students in Classroom

India’s education system has increased and streamlined

Education – A big word which the responsible people from the government has taken quite seriously.

Taking about education in the context of India, the main source of education is done through public and private sector which receives funds either from central, state or local level. Likewise, the biggest pleasant factor which has come to light and the main source of taking general education further is providing education for children between 6 and 14 years of age. The government has made it compulsory and like any fundamental rights which the citizens enjoy, this one has equally been regarded the same.

If you ask me about the ratio of public schools with respect to private schools, then I must say it is 7:5.

Healthier education system due to continuous efforts

University students studying together on grass
University students studying together on grass

According to an old saying which means that efforts never dies and likewise due to the seriousness of the government, the attendance rate of students has gone up which made its presence felt overall in increasing the literacy rate especially with the students from 7-10 years age group. I have mentioned about it, from the census of 2011.

India is proud to see the direct benefits of enhanced education whose reflection can be seen in its economic development. Here, you see the status of higher education as well as scientific research which has seen a rapid increase of late over the last decade.

An overview about the education system in Private and Public Schools

Private and public schools run parallel to each other with 29% of students are enrolled in private school. The market of private institutions has seen a significant increase and is set to be quite big, due to imparting quality education which further increases the employment opportunities.

Government’s green signal for Home Schooling

Not many of would know that Home Schooling is indeed a legal option which has been given its green signal by the Government.

Yes, true, parents in the event are averse to the idea of sending their children to schools, can teach them right at their homes and the government won’t have any option to interfere in the same as well, thanks to the law which is passed for supporting this practise.

Education system in India has seats allocated for Non-General categories

Talking about general education, there are reserved seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes along with other backward classes. They have reservations in every sector and usually these specified reservation has been a bone of contentions for the general candidates who feel cheated at the hands of them, because in a specific number of seats, even the student from reserved category getting lower marks to general students bags the seat because of the benefit of coming from a reserved category. However, reserved category people are of the view that since they have always been looked down by few people and couldn’t enjoy equal rights right from the beginning. So, it is something which they ought to get for coming at par with general candidates.

Coming back to the importance of private schools, one must mention that they are comparably more regulated and have to strictly deal with the teaching pattern. However, such things need to be adopted by Government schools especially while teaching primary class students.