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Self-Study English Grammar Quiz Summary

Going by the definition, grammar is the collection of rules and conventions that make languages go. Grammar is the backbone of any language. It’s just not a particular language. It’s for everyone and every language. Now, as we focus on English basically, we will discuss the knows and hows of English grammar. But, if we see around, only a very few percent of people use fine grammatically used language. And nowadays, everyone is crazy for having a good fluency in English with proper grammar.grammar-quiz

Grammar nazis are the ones who are always there to correct your improper grammar with their impeccable knowledge. So, before you’re hit by one such nazi, it’s better to mend yourself. It also helps us in other official works like writing a quick follow up, or conversing with a working partner or participating in a writing contest. So, you can understand the importance of the correctness of your grammar. Grammar is vast and it’s not easy to go within a single day. If you want excel, buckle up yourself and start aiming for your perfect language.

Start the quiz section. Try to solve all the questions. Read the questions and instructions carefully given before each question or a set of questions. Use “Next”, “Skip” and “Previous” buttons to go to the next questions, skip the current one and go back to the previous questions respectively. It has an “Explanation” section for you beside the questions for a better understanding of the difficult questions. Happy quizzing!

Wish you a good luck, folks!