Popular Army Jobs in India with current vacancies:-

Army is synonymous with humanity

Do you know that in the event of any natural calamity which struck any part of the country, it is the Army which is pressed into service.

Yes, be it the matter of crossing the  most challenging, risky, daring and dangerous roads, river, mountains and saving people from the debris, there is no word of thanking Army for the selfless work they are actually doing away from the limelight.indian army

Indian Army comprises 2 commissions

Indian Army comprises the largest group of Indian Armed forces. Different career options galore for both male and female candidates (married/unmarried) under 2 types of commission namely Permanent Commission and Short Service commission.

  • Permanent Commission – You need to join Indian Military Academy Dehradun or National defense Academy Khadakwasla and you serve till you retire
  • Short Service Commission – Candidates get serve themselves as a Commissioned Officer for 10 years which can be extended for up to 14 years. Thereby, you can further go for Permanent commission or simply opt out.


For Men –  They can opt right after completing class 12th – Intermediate (10+2) [NDA, 10+2 TES], Now, for those who are graduate – Graduate UPSC [IMA (DE), OTA SSC (Non-Tech], Graduate Non UPSC, You can be law graduate,  Engineer [UES, TGC, SS (Tech)], Post Graduate

For Women – They can be graduate UPSC or simply graduate Non UPSC, Engineer Entry, Law Graduate and the candidate having a post graduate degree can equally apply as well.

Popular army jobs in India with current vacancies:-

  • Engineering graduate Posts in the Indian Army require 40 candidates
  • There are post graduate posts of 10 in number
  • 10+2 technical entry post requires 90 candidates
  • Engineering Graduate posts require 40 candidates

Further details can be achieved from the official website www.indianarmy.nic.in

No dearth of Army Jobs

Considering such a massive serving department, there are endless vacancies waiting for you to make a mark. So always stand with your head held high and gain respect. As respect comes naturally, when you are in Army and serving the nation. Based on the level of your qualification and expertise you will get any one of the respected Army Jobs. It is just a matter of time. So continue to visit the site.

Army is known for rescuing people from natural calamities of floods, earthquake, landslide etc

Yes, their selfless work, dedication, honesty and will power dwarfs different other kind of work to such an extent, that we feel awestruck and are of the belief that had it not been due the Army being pressed into service, the calamity would have further taken its toll.

Besides, they are guarding our beautiful country on different borders away from their home and living a tough life which is even difficult to be imagined. While we sleep at night, it is the army, which safeguards us in the borders especially from neighbouring countries. So enrol yourself and live life like a True Patriot.