Importance of English while preparing for competitive exams

Students excelling in any competitive exam have to have the knowledge, information of English, failure to which it will act as an impediment for them towards passing the same with flying colors.

Yes, it is true, and most of the times we would have passed the exam right in the initial attempts if our English would have been up to the mark, but we realize much later. English has become a compulsory subject for all the competitive as well as aptitude exams which are conducted in India such as that of IBPS exams, SSC exams, UPSC exams, CAT, CMAT, etc.

English, learn, studying.

You know that the language which has the weight of roughly 20 – 30% needs to be taken seriously as these marks constitute to be so much that for those eyeing towards a successful career in their respective fields can’t overlook or sideline the importance of this subject.

It has become more or less the same old story of students that they don’t realize the importance of English for competitive exams unless it becomes too late. Sooner, the level of frustration, hopelessness, boredom, etc. engulfs them so much that they start to get negative tendencies.

English, the second most used language in the world, is considered to be one of the official languages of all time. Academicians and researchers have also acknowledged Engish as the official language in the most of the companies in the cities. So, if you’re searching for a good job or higher studies, your fluency in English will be one of the deciding factors along with the requirement of the knowledge in the domain. Mind it; basics might help you in daily life, but for your career, it has to be the proper one. When it comes to good uses, communication is nothing until the message is conveyed with a fruitful deal.

Let’s know how English plays a crucial role in your career in the following discussion. Just remember that it’s never too late and you can start off the journey anytime!

The foremost step to get a job is to crack the standard entrance tests. Mostly, the companies do prepare questions in English. And not only the medium but they do also give tests on your verbal ability which checks your use of English. The vocabulary and grammar matter a lot here.

The interview! Yes, the interviewers mostly will communicate in English. And if your English ditches you, you’re probably gone. They prefer the candidates to speak proper English as they have to understand the work process and further communicate with various clients.

The emails are critical. You can’t just use SMS Lingo here, remember it! Use of proper and etiquette language will surely score for you.

I think you’ll surely get many online and offline courses available for you to improve your linguistic skills if you think you’re not at par.

Take stock of your English grammar

English which is asked in competitive exams is mainly related to grammar, and if you have in-depth information and knowledge about it, then things can turn into your favor. So, you need to refer reputed English books of grammar towards knowing the difference between tenses, antonyms, and synonyms, direct and indirect, active and passive voice, etc. Since these are some of the common grounds on which majority of the questions are asked, so you need to polish your skills further. Hence, it will enhance your possibility of fetching greater marks much to your joy, enthusiasm, style and convenience. You can also get the help from an experienced tutor who can assist you towards learning the intricacies of English grammar.

Refer English newspapers

A competitive exam is all about refurbishing your General Knowledge as well as strengthening the area of your weakness, and that is mainly English. Now, I will suggest you refer English newspapers daily as they will serve a double purpose to you. As you read, you will know about the quality words, (which you can later refer a dictionary with) and also keep yourself abreast with detailed information, up to date with the latest happenings in the world, etc. It will indeed really be a smart, quick and apparently pleasant decision on your part to create a beautiful, pleasant change in yourself especially keeping a view of competitive exams.

Final thoughts

Based on the most obvious problems which are faced by the students, I tried to mention and include some of the most common grounds for which students mainly face issues, especially when it comes to English for competitive exams. Do include them towards creating a pleasant change in yourself and to pass the competitive exam with such glory, charisma, shine that it tends to give you everlasting happiness forever.