Indian Railway Jobs – 3 Reasons to apply

The world’s one of largest employers, The Indian Railways has come out with a delightful opportunity for the job seekers. It is speculated that in the year 2016 the Indian railways is about to come with the vacancies for almost 1 lakh job positions. Railway Jobs are very easy to prepare and you can easily crack the written test.  Indian Railways is one such organization which provides employment base for the job seekers regardless the degree they hold. It means that it hardly matters that whether you are a post graduate, graduate, metric pass, or even middle pass Indian Railways have always the vacancy for you..railway jobs

Looking for a job opportunity, then why not work with one of the world’s largest employers?

Jobs that are offered at the Indian railways

Since Indian Railways is the biggest employer of India, it offers a large variety of jobs for every type of seeker. Below is the list exams to apply for Indian Railway Jobs.

  • GROUP A- Group A consists of officer level and gazette high profile jobs for which recruitments are done through the UPSC examinations on the various posts. UPSC conducts 2 examinations for Group-A that are Combined Engineering Services Examination and Civil Services Examination. Apart from these recruitments UPSC also conduct an examination to recruit mechanical engineers for which recruitments are done through UPSC special railways apprentice examination.
  • GROUP B- Group B consists of the job profiles only for which there is no direct recruitment as the Group C employees are promoted to fill in the Group B positions.
  • GROUP C- Group C consists of the profiles for which maximum vacancies are made and are widely advertised. The various posts of junior Clerk, Typist, Assistant Station Masters, Ticket Checkers, Traffic Apprentice etc comes under this category and recruitment for this category of jobs is done directly by the Railway Reservation Board.
  • GROUP D- Now, Group D consists of the job profiles for metric pass job seekers and it includes the posts such as posts include Safaiwala, Cook, Helper, Attendant, Trackman, Point man, etc and the recruitment to these positions is done at the Divisional Level of Zonal offices.

Why should we work for the Indian Railway Jobs?

Why we should work for the Indian railways? What is it that they are offering and others not? The Indian Railways has some pretty good answers to these frequently asked questions as it has already made sure that its employees receive the best benefits available. The perks of being an Indian Railways employee are;

  • An Indian Railways employee works with the privileges similar to a government employees. The Indian Railway employees receive high salary packages corresponding to a much lesser work load and lots and lots of holidays.
  • If one is an Indian Railway employee then obviously he receives privileges of traveling throughout the country and that too for absolutely free, as one of the perks of being an Indian Railways employee is that employees get railways passes or reserved train quota to travel anywhere in India.
  • And last but not the least Indian Railways employees are entitled to high promotions every year and it is speculated that the salaries would get a hike of 30% after the implementation of the 7th pay commission.