20 Tips to find Jobs in the UAE (Dubai) – Get job in 15 Days

We are getting many requests from readers asking best way to get a job in Dubai or how to get Dubai jobs with visa, so we’ve decided to write this comprehensive post.  Many of you reading this would agree to the fact that the UAE has off lately become the hotspot for people seeking job opportunities outside. People from around the world are now willing to relocate to this desert because of the plethora of opportunities this nation has to offer. Many employees and other professionals on their tourist visa try to search for job opportunities, however, rigorously searching for the job might always not fetch you right result. Despite so many expats flocking this nation for the past many years, many smart people make some frivolous mistake which later becomes a challenge for them leaving then with an unsatisfied job and profile. If you are the person who is looking for how to get dubai jobs for indians and jobs in dubai for pakistani then you are at right place.

There are excellent work opportunities in Dubai. Whilst Dubai is the hip and happening place which is abundant with lots of jobs, fun , frolic, sight seeings, nightlife and of course lots of dates and jewellery. We are also happy to inform you that there are huge openings for networking jobs in Dubai.

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Considering so many activities and of course proximity to India, Dubai is always on the hit list of much young talented youths who are looking for a better future for themselves.  Honestly, the first and the principal reason for people making their preference to the place is naturally Jobs in Dubai, and all the other reasons purely add further weight to their quest of landing on such a beautiful and charming place on earth.Tips to find Jobs in the UAE (Dubai)

How to find jobs in Dubai? & Web Portals to find jobs

The million dollar question “Easiest way to get Jobs in Dubai for Freshers” can be addressed towards the local site containing listings of businesses namely

  1. http://www.uaefreezones.com/
  2. http://www.yellowpages.ae/
  3. https://www.dubizzle.com/

If you are looking for jobs in Dubai Airport, then you may want to check their official websites. The above well portal is bounded by lots of products and services to give you an in-depth insight into the extent of prevailing jobs as well as about the nature of the functioning of companies.

While browsing for the companies, you can also look out of the embedded links of “Career” to get further information about the current job openings and the surrounding queries related with the same.

On finding the list of companies, do their “Google Search” to know about their authenticity in an International platform. You will get lots of information, enough to give you valuable knowledge to decide for yourself right before you plan to make a move to Dubai. Or just search for Dubai jobs vacancies in different portals.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development has prominently mentioned about the trading licenses of all those companies which are trading in the country. This is indeed a commendable move to ensure transparency and authenticity. The move is enough of a motivator for you to know its actual position before you associate yourself with it.

To know about the following details of any particular company with regards to Jobs in Dubai such as:-

  • The validity time of the business engaged in the business
  • Information on License
  • Contact Details

You can use the following link


By doing so, you will get a legal status of the company operating in Dubai

Tips to find jobs in the UAE (Dubai)

Migrating to a different nation for job prospects can be difficult, you have a new legal system, policies, labor laws which you are not well-versed with, it requires careful planning before you look for a job and crack it too. It happens much time that we apply for many jobs online and via consultancies but is still not able to get a positive response from one company. What went wrong, is the question that many people ask but are left clueless. Here I have tried to enlist few points that you should consider before applying for a job in the UAE:

  • Are you applying for the right job?- Most of the time we might not end up successfully getting a job in the UAE of any nation because we request a job which doesn’t match our skill sets and experience. Before applying for a job, you need to ensure that your resume clearly highlights your qualifications and they are in sync with the requirement of the company. Do not make your resume a puzzle for the employer. An important point to note here is that when you are applying for a job in the UAE, your resume is your replica so make sure it has all the elements to gain the interest of the employer. Some people are also searching for Dubai hotel jobs for the temporary basis to earn some money; we only suggest you choose a right job.

Remember, in today’s scenario some people are waiting to snatch the opportunity from your hand so you should have your resume up-to-date and relevant.

  • An ineffective resume – Your curriculum vitae plays a critical role in catching the eyes of the employer, and hence, your CV should have all the elements which represent your qualities, qualification, experience and achievements. Bad CV will fail to portray you as a professional which may eventually leave your CV in the files. Make sure that you use specific keywords related to the job you have applied for; this helps the employer to analyze your match with the job opening and increases the probability of getting your CV shortlisted.
  • Ineffective networking can negatively impact your profile– if you wish to succeed then networking professionally is not an option, rather it plays a significant role in establishing your professional bonding and enhancing your profile. Remember, to make use of all your social media profile but professionally. To improve your chances of getting your resume shortlisted make sure you speak to your friends, professional acquaintances, and referrals. Most of the companies especially a foreign company like the UAE emphasize on word-of-mouth hiring of the employee.
  • Do a thorough research about the growing sectors in the UAE- Before you plan to apply for a job in the UAE , make sure you thoroughly research about the various areas which are flourishing in the nation, For example, education, tourism, hospitality healthcare, export, construction, logistic and retail sectors are offering great job options. On the other hand, manufacturing and automotive industries are not growing at a fast pace. NGO jobs are also negligible in the UAE, however textile, petroleum and petrochemicals industries are flourishing at a great rhythm. Pertinent professionals should apply accordingly.
  • Do not over-expect – Firstly it’s tough to land up with a job in the UAE and even if you can get a job do not expect a very high package. Thus, if you are getting a package equivalent to your current package along with transportation and accommodation, you can accept it and move ahead. You can ask the employer regarding the salary of the position and just do your search about Dubai jobs pay before your interview.
  • Customize your CV as per the requirement – it’s a gentle reminder for all who prepare their CV once and keep on sending the same resume for different job profile without having a glance at the requirements. One must always first study the job profile and the required KRA and then improvise CV accordingly. If you have been sending vague applications to 50-odd jobs, it will not help you rather make change your CV according to the requirement. A tailor-made application holds better chances of getting shortlisted as compared to a generic form.
  • An important point to note here is that you should have a strong cover letter which helps you have a competitive edge over others. Make sure when you are submitting an application for the job it is accompanied with a cover letter which gives a brief about your qualifications and why you are a perfect fitment for a particular job. This will help the employer understand whether you are the right candidate or not.
  • Missing the follow-up process– getting a job is not easy as ABC, it takes the right blend of resume, candidate’s accomplishments, good time of application and follow up. Of all these points, we often miss out the last one, the follow-up process. If you have been thinking that emailing your CV to many companies is enough and are waiting for the company to contact you, you are highly mistaking. Your follow-up plan is of utmost importance, especially if you are applying in the nation like the UAE where companies first prefer a local candidate; thus, you should always ring the concerned person regarding the status of your application.
  • Learn about the culture – If your resume has been shortlisted, don’t get overwhelmed, you are just halfway through. The next important step is presenting yourself in the eyes of the employer. If you are applying for the job in the UAE you should learn about the local culture, the dos and don ts of the nation, understand the legal system and labor laws. This will help you connect with the employer and gaining the trust of the company.

Visiting Dubai through holiday visa and finding jobs

A visit visa acts as the best way for keeping yourself abreast with the traditions, culture and of course with the current vacancies the place has to offer to you. Since it is a healthy and timely step to ensure that you get close to working needs and requirement before you apply for a job. It is a Big No, to work on a visit visa, so the best you can do is to try your level best towards opting for a job, based on your caliber and skills before legally opting to your work, while your dream of working in Dubai and gets fulfilled.

Advantages & Disadvantages of working in Dubai


  1. Dubai doesn’t have the income tax, so whatever you earn is fully yours.
  2. You can easily get selected in a free zone. So check jobs in Dubai free zone in Google.
  3. The proximity of Dubai from Indian cities is so near that it feels like traveling from Indian city to another, where within 3 hours; you can be back as well in an emergency.


  1. Working at peak temperatures is certainly challenging
  2. Office work in Dubai requires you to convert English documents into Arabic before applying for a job or resident visas, opening bank accounts, etc., so you need to ensure that you take the service of a reliable company.

Words of Wisdom

Job application in the UAE or any other nation is not just an activity , it’s a process which has to be thoroughly followed until you can bag a job, but your task is not yet over, make sure that you complete all the legal formalities, secure your employment before switching your job and understand the local culture.