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Globally, there are more than 3 billion Internet users; and in 2016, a total of $1 trillion+ worth of goods and services were sold/bought online. This clearly showcases the immense potential which Internet presents before us, right now.

There are thousands of ways using which one can earn lots of money, online. Using the Internet, one can be anywhere, anytime and still earn money. The Internet makes the necessity of location null and void; the requirement of office infrastructure rudimentary and the need for support staff as non-necessary. Using the Internet, any employee or businessman can get flexibility, scalability and lots of time in hand to pursue any activity he or she wants. make money at myeducationhub

Don’t forget to check Guidelines on How to Write An Article for Education Blog

What Topics are Accepted at is an Indian educational blog so you can write any articles related to Indian education or educational news, some of the broad categories are listed below.

  1. Government Jobs.
  2. Entrance Exams.
  3. Educational News.
  4. Study Tips.
  5. Career Guidance
  6. Productivity.
  7. Resources, etc

Please check the categories and previous articles to get an idea of what topics are accepted here.

Note: Make sure you email us before you start writing articles. You can include your previous works or samples which you’ve written so far. Once you receive confirmation from us, you can start writing.

In this site, we will share quick and easy ways to earn money online, which you cannot find anywhere else. Using these methods, any present or ex-student can make easy money, without any hassles or issues.

  1. Submitting Articles.
  2. Sharing interview experiences.

However, before we delve into these methods, it’s critical to understand that the Internet is a business, and every business has some rules. Three basic rules to make money online are:

  • Take this business of making money seriously, as only those who are professional and focused, are able to make any money. Rest, who are fickle minded and unprofessional are back to their day jobs, slogging 9-5 for earning their bread and butter.
  • Trust others, but don’t bet your life on them. It is very easy to get cheated online because there is no real address, there is no accountability and no reference. You are on your own and trust your guts.
  • Find out what you love, what makes you passionate, and money will automatically come to you. Don’t treat any task as a ‘job,’ because that is the only way to earn money, online.

Now, we will go through each one of them, and find out how easy it is to earn money, online!

Note 2: Please don’t submit copied/spun content, your article will be rejected and you are not eligible for any cash.

A) Submitting Articles: The knowledge which you have acquired while doing a course, or a professional training can help you to make lots of money. All you need to do is, summarize your knowledge on a particular topic, convert it into an article or blog, and then submit to us. Based on the relevance, depth, and importance of that issue, we will help you earn money using the articles.submitting resources

While writing an article, keep in mind that the words should not be plagiarized as it will lead to instant disqualification from the program. In case you are listing out features or advantages, then it will be better for the reader to go through and understand the nuances. Being a subject matter isn’t necessary, but giving accurate data is essential and recommended.

Every order for the article comes with a particular price tag for a specific number of words, and care should take that the article is free from any grammar errors or spelling mistakes. Proof-reading is strongly advised for creating better materials.

An important point to be noted here: The payment for the article would be dispatched only when the submitted materials would be approved after rigorous checking. As shared earlier, copying content word by word is a sin in the online publication world, and no tolerance would be exhibited for this. Besides, the subject needs to be explained well; there should be the harmony of expressions, data and facts; and all the information provided should be verified.

B) Sharing Interview Experiences: Being a job applicant, you must have appeared for various interviews – both on-campus and off-campus. During those interviews, you must have been asked several interesting questions and arguments. What if you can summarize these experiences, and then present us as a short blog post?

Such interview experiences is certainly a gold-mine of information and data, and this is invaluable in the overall scheme of things. If you can provide us such unique and interesting experiences of being interviewed (both online and offline), then we will compensate you accordingly and thus, you can earn a good amount of money with this method as well.

How much I’m going to make at

Well, it very much depends on the quality of the article, and we always prefer to accept well-researched and self-written content. We pay around 250INR to 1200INR per article based on the quality of the article.

So to give you an overview:

If you submit five articles/week & a total of 30 articles/month.

This will make you 30*250INR = 7500INR.

Well-researched & lengthy (1000 words+) articles will make you 30*1000INR = 30,000INR

So if you spend 5 to 7 hours a week and 30 hours a month to write an article, you can quickly make 7500INR.

How to submit your content to

Once you are convinced that your content is ready for the submission, please email us at [email protected].

Payment Method and How to Receive Payment?

All the payments will be sent through NEFT/IMPS to the qualified writers only if you have reached the threshold of 1000INR. Please make sure to send your bank account details at our email ID as listed earlier.