Mechanical engineering – Course & Career Scope

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Mechanical Engineering

This course of engineering is related with every detailed function related with machinery be it the matter of its design, operation or production. The whole act or methodology is done by applying the principles of engineering, physics and materials science for creating a practical implementation with regards to taking a view of its analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems.


Mechanical Engineering graduate is never without a job. Considering the extent of work which is there for the skilled graduates of this specific field, it is indeed quite an awesome way of creating a pleasant change in your life where you can earn handsome amount by imparting your services. The reason why I am writing the same is that in such an age, where people can often be heard saying that their company doesn’t need them any more and some of them are often unemployed right after doing the course. But, on a pleasant note, none such thing is going to happen here which will ensure moments of ease, satisfaction and happiness.mechanical-engineering-course-career-scope

Jobs scope

Considering this specific course of higher learning, opportunities galore for you both in Government as well as private sector. Some of the renowned companies which can become your way of cementing your life are Jindal Steel, TATA Motors, Hindustan Motors Ltd, Hyundai Motors, SAIL, BEL, GAIL etc. After all, who will deny the prospective jobs options which mechanical engineering field has to offer? The industry is indeed quite booming and it is important for you to move forward in its stride so that you can heave a sigh of relief couple of years later for able to do the unthinkable.


If you are new to the field of mechanical engineering, then you can roughly expect 20k and it will indeed go higher according to your capabilities, hard work, and dedication. In short, salary is way higher for the ones who regard sky to be their limit.

One can opt to do Masters as a form of higher studies

60% marks is what you should have got in B.Tech, if you want to enrol yourself in along with a high score in GATE

If you have the right percentage and score with you, then there are so many options to choose from.

You can opt for

  • Master of Technology in Aerospace Propulsion and its related field
  • Master of Technology in Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Aerospace Structure
  • Master of Technology in Mechanical Handling and Automation
  • Master of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Production Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Hydraulics
  • Master of Technology in IC engines


I am sure; you will enjoy deriving the benefits from the post, like the way it has done to me. So, scale your professional career to heights and it will give you deep and detailed information regarding mechanical engineering. Now, you can better be able to ensure that your skills, capabilities are put in line with the prevailing requirements as well.