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Network Administration Quiz Summary

Network administration or just we casually call it the Network Admin, it is the role of an individual who operates the computer infrastructures emphasizing on the networking between the points. It is an individual whose responsibilities include the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems which make up a computer system. It can be further described as the maintenance and monitoring of the data network or converged infrastructure or related network equipment in the computer system.Network admin quiz

The importance of the role depends on the size, location, and socio-economic conditions of the workplace or the institution. Though it’s a crucial position for any organization. To make it clearer, we will describe a situation. In terms of interruptions or disturbance or complaints from the customer side, there is a Help Desk to solve the issues and then flow through to the relevant area for resolution. Similarly, in terms of any network related issues, the issue will be solved by a network administrator. And if the concerned network administrator couldn’t solve the issue, the problem is escalated to the senior network engineers. The issues to be dealt by the network administrator are the following

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