Online Quizzes: 15 Mind Numbing Facts About Online Quizzes.

In this article, we will delve into several facets surrounding quizzes such as online quizzes, types of quizzes, the objectives of a quiz competition among others.

Although the origin of the word ‘quiz’ is unknown, there is one particular myth that is interesting. It is alleged that back in 1791, Richard Daly, a Dublin theater owner bet that he could introduce a brand-new word into the language within a matter of 24 hours. To win the bet, he hired a group of ragamuffins from the street to write the word ‘quiz’ all over the walls of the city. As promised, the word had become common currency among the people, and since no one was aware of its meaning, they concluded it was a sort of test.


Introduction To Quizzes Online

With the advent of technology and internet, the old-school form of entertainment, Quiz, has found its footing online. Online quizzes have become quite popular today as they are easy to access. Since most of them are free to play, most people prefer to take a quiz online. Some of them even offer prizes to the winner.

Some websites offer fun personality quizzes and relationship quizzes. These are some of the most popular quiz genres and are quite often found in magazines about women.

One point of note about online quizzing is that the participant is exposed to a vast amount of information online that he can readily access and research. Thus, even if the person isn’t familiar with the topic, he can quickly look it up and in the process learn something new.

What Are Quizzes?

What is a quiz?

A quiz in Wikipedia is defined as “a form of game or mind sport, in which the players attempt to answer questions correctly.” As such, not only does it test your knowledge but also enhances it.

How To Play Online Quiz And Earn Money?

While it is usual for people to either participate in a quiz at a particular location or to take one online, many people wonder if they can earn money through an online quiz contest. There are several apps and websites online that allow you to participate and take home your rewards in cash.

One such app is MyEducationHub. This unique trivia game provides over 10,000 questions among a plethora of topics. The quiz goes live every day between 10 a.m., and 6 p.m. Participants are required to answer a total of 0 questions, after which, three winners are announced at the end of each day. The reward points that the winners receive can be exchanged for shopping vouchers. Another bonus of this app is, your reward points are doubled if you are amongst the top 3 performers in a week. The app also gives its users extra points if they share it with their friends.

Likewise, there are a variety of other sites and apps that allow you to play for money. These can be easily found through a search engine on the internet or in you play store.

Besides participating in free online quiz games via apps or sites, several video networks such as YouTube and Dailymotion pay you money to make videos about best Q&A on various topics.

Importance Of Quiz

The importance of quiz stems from the fact that more you undergo testing, the more knowledge you are bound to retain. If you are someone who dislikes quizzes, fret not, they are good for you. They provide an array of benefits ranging from keeping your memory sharp to allow your brain to think and process faster. Quizzes also keep participants engaged and promote healthy competition and the thirst to achieve something. The importance of test in education ranges far and wide as will be discussed in the sections below.

Types Of Quizzes

Broadly speaking, there are two types of quiz games – the individual and the team. There is no limit to the kind of quiz in question since it can be on a variety of subjects. The format of the quiz can also differ. Different countries host various quiz competitions at the national level. Some of them are:

  • British Quizzing Championships in the United Kingdom
  • European Quizzing Championships
  • Reach for the Top in Canada
  • Music for the Mission in Australia

Besides annual national tournaments, there are also be televised quizzes. Some examples are:

  • Jeopardy
  • BBC’s Mastermind
  • The Weakest Link
  • Kaun Banega Crorepati
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire

The world of quizzes can also be expanded to included board games such as Bezerwizzer and Trivial Pursuit.

How To Conduct Quiz Competition In School?

A quiz competition that involves the entire school is an excellent way to teach students about different topics and consequently test their knowledge. Such competition can either be a spelling bee or a quiz bee.

What is a quiz bee? It is an event solely for students in a school that tests the intellectual capabilities of students in all subjects ranging from mathematics, science, social studies, current events and general knowledge.

The how-to’s of conducting a quiz in school can be different from each organizer to organizer and each school to school. Some pointers to organize a quiz contest in a school are:

The Organization:

  • The format of the quiz bee needs to be defined. This will include the topic that the quiz will be centered around, the number of students participating and the sequence of events in which the contest will proceed.
  • There should be a clear set of rules defined so anyone can follow the quiz as they go along. The rules should also be kept handy in case the host or the judges need to refer to them from time to time.
  • The most important step is to design and organize the content for the quiz.

The Host:

  • Make sure you have a host for the entirety of the contest. This can be a teacher or a member of the staff.
  • If you can’t find someone suitable enough from the school, you can always get in a guest announcer. This could be an alumnus, a parent or a member of your community.

The Execution

  • The first step is to enlist participants. To do this, you can spread the word around about the quiz competition, or you can also make use of posters that can be displayed all around the school.
  • You can also take a practice quiz session to give the students a general idea of the various types of important quiz questions that may be asked during the contest.

How To Conduct A Quiz Program In Class?

This can be an excellent way of revising before an exam or to enhance collaboration between two different levels. This allows students to work together and within the confines of rules and the need of adhering to fair play.

So How To Conduct A Quiz Competition In Class?

  • You can divide the class into different teams and assign them different names. Teams could also choose their names. Each team will be provided with a buzzer or light.
  • As with a school-wide quiz competition, the rules that apply could be similar.
  • You can conduct a series of rounds of questions, wherein the students are required to cooperate and work together to answer the question. This takes the heat from a single participant from fear of embarrassment as well as promotes teamwork.
  • To make sure everyone feels involved, a student from the class can act as the timekeeper.
  • Prepare your questions beforehand and either write the questions down on paper or use the overhead projector in the room.

Objectives Of Quiz Competition

While most of us are familiar with traditional quizzes, not many are familiar with the goals of a quiz competition. Let’s look into the major quiz objectives during a contest:

  • To enhance someone’s knowledge on a variety of subjects, regardless of age group and culture.
  • In the education sector, they provide a fun learning experience by educating students on the importance of science.
  • They allow people to think out of the box or to accelerate their thinking and reasoning abilities.
  • To promote good arguments amongst the participants thereby helping the learning curve.
  • To build on a person’s soft skills.
  • To teach people the essence of teamwork and cooperation.

These are just some of the objectives of a quiz competition. This list is exhaustive, to say the least.

Types Of Quiz Games

Here we will discuss some of the most popular quiz games as well as free quiz games.

Trivia Quizzes: In a trivia quiz, participants have to answer questions about useless but amusing facts on many subjects. Some favorite trivia quizzes that have been doing the rounds lately include the ‘What Are You?’ and ‘What is my perfect job?’ quizzes. The former can fit into any category, for example:

  • What are Disney Character you?
  • What Superhero are you?
  • What Harry Potter character are you?

The latter aims to find the perfect job for you based on a list of questions and analyzing the same. Such trivia quizzes are a fun way to see how your personality can mold into different personas.

Quizzes for Teenagers: More often than not, teenagers are the most in touch with pop culture besides being conversant with topics related to their studies. There are several sites about teenage centric quizzes. Some fun quizzes that teens can take are:

  • Discovering your party personality
  • Which celebrity do you look like?
  • General personality quizzes
  • Fashion and style quizzes
  • Fandom quizzes

Quizzes for Girls: Such quizzes could range from fashion to flirting to celebrity crushes. Some notable quizzes that girls can take are:

  • Which Disney princess do you most relate to?
  • Quizzes on lifestyle and fashion
  • Food related quizzes
  • Dating and celebrity crush quizzes

Quizzes for Kids: While there is no dearth to the type of quiz and some questions that your kid can answer, we are listing some of the most popular, to keep your child at the tip of his toes.

Math Quiz: This can be a perfect refresher to your Math skills. Whether you are a student or an adult, no harm has ever come to someone looking to enhance on his mad math skills. The quizzes for students can range from level easy to advanced, from topics such as simple BODMAS to Geometry. Those for adults can be integration or calculus to name a few.

Daily Quiz: There are several ways that you can take a daily quiz. Most daily quizzes cover a myriad of quiz subjects such as news, celebrity, current affairs. Different sites and apps design a new set of questions each day. This can be a pub quiz or a quick fire game. Daily quizzes can be the great way to put your gray cells to work over a cup of morning coffee or before you wind down for the day in time for bed.

Education Quizzes: Educational quizzes for students act as an excellent teacher’s aid apart from the general course curriculum. As the title suggests, they aid learning and revision before exams across various educational subjects. Several sites allow students to take quizzes to test their knowledge. These are most often written by experienced teaching professionals from all over the world. Through educational quizzes, students can not only improve their grades but also find a fun way to learn new things.

Online Learning Quiz: Also called as eLearning, this is an improvement to the classroom learning quiz. Any topic can be accessed from the many sites available. These types of quizzes have an enhanced user experience and may sometimes be interactive.

Important Dates Quiz: Such a quiz can test the user’s knowledge on the different important dates in human history. From the day the world wars started to the day Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States of America, such quizzes can take the player on a trip down the most important dates that something of note happened and went down on the walls of history.

Relationship quiz: Popular relationship quiz questions could revolve around:

  • What type of spouse are you?
  • Are you an excellent parent?
  • Which TV couple are you?
  • What pick up line is your life’s motto?

GK Quiz Games: General knowledge questions and answers would include information that you have gained over the years on different subjects by reading or watching the television. Such quizzes test your public awareness about various topics.

Generation Quiz: Being born in the millennial generation does not necessarily mean that you agree with the ideals that this generation perceives. Often, regardless of age, there are dramatic shifts in attitudes among people, be it cultural or sexual, technological or political. Therefore, such quizzes help you determine if you belong to the generation you were born in.

The Importance Of Being The Earnest Test: This test is quite popular with people flocking in to put their knowledge to the test. This test is based off on the play by Oscar Wilde wherein the protagonists take up imaginary personalities to escape their obligations in society. An example of a question from this test is as follows:

Advantages And Benefits Of Quiz Competition

A quiz competition comes with its own set of benefits. They are not only limited to the participants but also applicable to the general public or the audience. Some of the main advantages and benefits of a quiz competition include:

  • It aids in the process of team building.
  • It helps in language development.
  • It encourages healthy competition while also keeping in mind the need to have a fun exercise.
  • It also serves as a means of relieving the tension of a monotonous routine.
  • Spelling bees, for example, build on the person’s spelling and vocabulary skills.
  • It makes people participate in the healthy debate among themselves.

Purpose Of Quiz Competition

The purpose of a quiz competition is a culmination of its objective and benefits. In brief, a quiz competition’s primary goal is to build on or improve the existing knowledge among the participants or to herald in new insights, keeping the element of dun active at the same time.

Online General Knowledge Quiz

As aforementioned, general knowledge is anything that you have gained over time through different mediums available. Such quizzes can also be taken online. They help you to determine your retention powers for both useful and useless information. Like all other quizzes, there is no limit to the type of questions that you could attempt. A few samples are:

  • Capitals of countries
  • Sports trivia
  • Space and astronomy questions

By now, we hope you have gathered a detailed explanation of the different categories of quizzes and the how to’s of organizing a contest at your school or your class. So, what are you waiting for? Get your brain to work and take that test. Let’s see how smart you are.