Top 5 Government jobs in India 2017

Gavel, trial, law.

The first and the foremost wish, desire, hope and aspiration of more than 90% of Indians is to get a government job. Why not, when it comes with so many conveniences, like surety of job, lots of government registered holidays, even if you take leave, your salary won’t be reduced due to the option of paid leaves, pension even after retirement,  (except few sectors currently) etc. Amongst the various facilities mentioned, there is one more and that is comparably having lesser tensions and worries than private sector. Yes, Government ensures the upkeep, care, comfort of its employees to its maximum, that their interests are best safeguarded in complete respect.Gavel, trial, law.

Likewise, it gives me an honor to highlight some of the popular top government jobs in India:-

Railway Jobs

Indian railways have the biggest rail network in the world and its upkeep is certainly the result of lakhs of workers, staff, technicians etc. They play an important role towards ensuring safety and security of trains, that they are timely run and also to establish network with all the ongoing station masters for smooth operations and conduct of trains across the length and breadth of the country. Considering the importance, seriousness, necessities, timely care and needs and expansion of its services in terms of faster trains, there is an ever increasing staff which railways needs and there are vacancies related with the same as well.

Banking Jobs

The progress of the country rests on its financial aspect where banks play a very important role in accomplishing not only the needs of people who find a safe place to put their deposits, gets timely loan etc indirectly help in financially strengthening their country by making it stronger and bolder and to help the country reach the path of progress and success. The aim of Government is to open various banks even in the remotest part of the country, has necessitates lots of Bank openings and the time is right for you to be a respectable and honorable job for yourself.

Staff Selection Commission

Staff Selection Commission popularly known as SSC, results towards creating some of the high paying jobs which are looked with authority, power, influence, lots of respect etc. Yes, true. After all, harder is the exam, greater does the care taken to make the SSC jobs only for the deserving candidates. Yes, SSC jobs of late have come up in great numbers in various Government sectors across different states of the country.

Teaching Jobs

How can we overlook the importance of the wonderful and respectable profession of a teacher? Yes, a teacher due to loads of experience, love, affection and innovative teaching methods moulds the students life into creating best teachers of future. A country is always at the safe hands if guarded well by the teachers and considering the recent times, respective Indian states have comes up with lots of openings after realizing the importance of educated India. So fulfill their requirement and I am sure a successful, honorable and respectable life awaits you too.                                                               

Jobs in Army

There can’t be a better feeling than safeguarding your country, the very soil which has given your birth and if you are chosen few, then you will die for the love of your beautiful India. Yes, I am talking about high paying jobs in Army which gives you lots of money as well as respect for sure.

Finally, aforesaid are the Top 5 Government jobs in India. They come up with lots of respect, name, fame and money which you can’t deny for sure.