Sarkari Naukri – Everything you want to know in detail


What is Sarkari Naukri?

Sarkari Naukri or Government Jobs are the vacancies created by Government both of the state and center to be filled in various departments.

  • Is your child doing Sarkari Naukri?
  • Are you placed in Sarkari Naukri?
  • Haven’t you applied in Sarkari Naukri?

India is a place where people prefer to work for government jobs with lower payment instead of working in corporate sectors with bigger packages. India is a growing economy and giving government jobs to the most of the population getting tougher day by day. In this cat race of getting a secured lifestyle with a government job, people are going crazy to make it possible. With so many accolades, government jobs prove to be dear to all.

If you’re thinking about the security, the government job is suitable for you. This means you’re secured for your lifetime. There’s mere chance of any suspension or expulsion from the job unlike in corporate sectors.

People don’t only think about the present, but the thought about the future always haunt them. And it’s the reason people are so crazy for the government jobs which give them a load of benefits even after the job. The benefits can be counted as the pension policies, provident fund, etc.

About the pay scale, it predetermined. There is nothing to negotiate with the employer lessening the chances of discrimination among the employees. It also revises the pay scale over a period.

The perks are the dearest to all. You get a free house to stay along with electricity, water facilities, etc. In railways jobs, they even enjoy the benefits of free travel throughout their lives. That makes the government jobs all the more unique.

Yes, these are quite the public remarks which we have been grown up hearing.sarkari-naukri

I won’t term it to be a little obsession, but the related facilities and perks associated with Sarkari Naukri dwarfs everything else.

Sarkari Naukri in the context of our everyday spoken language is the most sought after the word for people looking to get a well-placed job.

On being asked about the profession, if you happen to say that you are doing Sarkari Naukri, then mind you, there is a sudden change of reaction for the better which you will indeed at once get to know. Yes, a right to the charisma and popularity of Sarkari Naukri, respect comes naturally when you tell others about the sector in which you are placed as the other person looks at you even with greater value and esteem than before. Yes, that is the most evident and profound reaction which comes into force with Sarkari Naukri.

Having high expectations to aim for Sarkari Naukri right from beginning

A child of 3-4 who has barely started going to school doesn’t know that his/her parents have high expectations and hope from him/her that he/she will get that esteemed and respectable Sarkari Naukri once he grows up. True, indeed. So, it is not hard for us to know the actual and mind-blowing importance of Sarkari Naukri which has indeed seen lots of excitement since a couple of decades and its importance has certainly risen even more in today’s age for sure.

Difference between state govt and central govt jobs

India is ruled by a government in the center and that respective small parties say wise. Yes, rightly so, for timely running the government actually and sensibly by keeping the interest of the people as well.

On the same lines, since there are different parties both in the center and the state, so there have to be different management requirements regarding functioning, machinery which respective government departments take care of. Mainly because it would have been an impossible task for the center to take care of about all the 29 states of India to take charge altogether.

There are few departments which the center has made change due to its safety and security, and the staff of an army is one of them. After all, it is the responsibility of the central government to look after the safety of the country. Foreign policy currency and defense are the areas of the centre. Railways are one the jobs which is governed by the center and so is that of the army. While the state government has the onus of taking care of the developmental needs. The state is supposed to look after law and order and development. Example Health Department, Irrigation, etc.


The post above is all about mentioning about Sarkari Naukri, its importance and the difference between Central Govt Jobs, on State Govt.