The Importance of Education in life

American graduation.

Education is the beacon of hope that guides ignorant souls towards the light of knowledge and empowerment from the depths of ignorance. It is not being literate and knowing yours As from the Bs and the addition of simple numbers. It is much more than just being able to decipher the symbols etched on a piece of paper. It is being able to reason, being able to stick to cold logic in face of irrationality, and being able to use the learnings to grow forward in your mindset and not just moving a grade higher in the course you are doing.

American graduation.

Education is one of the most significant requirements of humans after food, water, clothes and shelter as it is the one thing that makes us humans and distinct from the animals. It is the reason how we get the ability to make sense of the world around us. It gives us the freedom to question everything and everyone around us, from why the sky is blue in colour to why are our skin tones different from each other. At the same time, education is the tool which teaches us that we are more than our skin tones and our physical attributes.

Importance of General education in life

The most obvious reason of education being important is because often it is education which helps you in being financially independent by providing you job opportunities. The higher you want your pay scale to be, the higher education it demands from you. Being educated means that you are bright enough to make smart and ethical decisions for you and our family to keep them healthier and happier in the long run. Aren’t happiness and love the ultimate quest of our lives?

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It empowers us with knowledge, letting us see old things in a totally new light. Armed with the power of facts and logic, we question age-old beliefs that make no sense whatsoever and reject superstitions. We do not take anything now on face value, without knowing the exact logic behind it. It enables us to use the advanced technology that is unveiled in the world every few days and make our life easier, more productive, dynamic and balanced.

The world maybe plagued with a lot of problems at any instant but education is the solution to 90% of them. When people are educated, they are more likely to be open about new ideas and are less likely to be bigoted and narrow-minded. Being informed and aware of the people around you and your surroundings makes you more receptive to different notions and thinking other than yours, and helps you in making intelligent choices in your life. The exposure you gain from education gives you the capability of striking a conversation with someone from a very different culture even if you have never met him or her before.

Education is the glue that binds humans to civilization. Saying education is important, is the understatement of the year. In fact, education is the way to go to completely turn around your life.