Top web portals to find jobs

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The world is indeed becoming closer, faster and nearer thanks to the advent of technology. We can connect face to face with any person across the world in seconds and can reach to any area of the world within few hours or so. Yes, that is the beauty of the world where we are having lots of conveniences, care and comfort. There is one more ease which we are experiencing in today’s world, and that is of applying for jobs online in a matter of few seconds.

Whenever you think of jobs, what comes to your mind? Obviously, the thought of the process of how to get a job! With passing years, job portals have been life saviors for us. They give you different options to look for and give a chance to choose the best for you. Have you ever checked your mail nicely? There are thousands of emails from the job portals who call you up for an interview if you’re interested. We do lack the interest and think it as fake at times even. But, buddy, give it a chance. These are big firms, if they don’t work, they would have into loss and locked the company for good!

These are some of the huge numbers. There are hundreds if job sites on the Internet, but it’s not the only way to spoon feed you. You have to know how the job portals work. Just getting calls for interviews in your emails isn’t enough. You need to make a good profile which can snatch attention of the recruiters. Until or unless, you get spotted, it’s useless. Try to follow them and use their tools to make easier and likable job searches. Also, each site has different search options you can use to include certain kinds of jobs in the searching results. Try out the sites and let us know if it worked for you!

Benefits of websites for finding jobs

Women laptop.
Women laptop.

Gone are the days when we used to run and enquire in different offices with regards to the available vacancies or wait to search in the newspapers as this was the open practice which we used to first thing in the morning.

There are web portals for our rescue where we can make a resume and submit them to be accessible to ever increasing and potential recruiters, all this and more in just few seconds, much to our convenience and satisfaction.

Do’s and don’ts while applying online

Although, it is very easy to apply online for a vacancy, but with ease comes responsibility as well. So I am coming up with Do’s and don’ts while using online:-


Don’t prepare a lengthy resume

We do have a perception that if the resume is long, then it will be more efficient but in the process, we give too much of vague information, which makes the recruiter lose interest in your profile

Don’t share personal information about your reference

Mentioning about the text online may spam his email or misuse the number. So, limit the personal information


Do use a particular email address:  Use one email which you tend to use only for searching jobs. This will help you find jobs quickly and will end your worries of receiving any spam emails directly to your personal email

Do keep track of your resume

Maintain a record by noting it down on the worksheet as well as keep a check on the functioning of few sites which tend to sell your data for money

Don’t overlook the privacy policy of the site

Yes, you need to be highly smart towards reading the privacy policy of the sites as to what they say regarding the functioning of their sites and helping you towards connecting with the potential recruiters as well.

List of Top web portals to find jobs:-

Hence, it necessitates me to let you know the top web portals to find employment in India. Following web portals are the places for both recruiters and job seekers. They have earned enough reputation and glory, thanks to playing a pivotal role towards helping job seekers get jobs of their dreams by connecting to the respective recruiters who are more than happy of getting in touch with the deserving candidates to the vacancies they have. It is the place where you will find government jobs, jobs for freshers & experienced.

  • Monster India
  • Times Job
  • Shine
  • Click Jobs
  • Career Jet
  • Placement India
  • Freshers World
  • Indeed India

Final Thoughts

Aforesaid are the Top web portals to find jobs which will create an awesome way for you towards a better and secured future as well.