What is upsc exams and 5 tips to crack it.

What are UPSC Examinations?

Deemed to be the top notch examinations of India, UPSC exams are a cluster of varied examinations consisting of the likes of examinations, such as Civil Services Examination,  Engineering Services Examination and Indian Forest Service examination among various other examinations that are conducted to recruit capable, diligent and smart workforce for the positions at different government offices and institutions. Every Indian student come across the UPSC examinations at least once in his lifetime because one of the cousins is always preparing for these esteemed examinations as they are supposedly one of the most difficult examinations to crack in the country.ups

Examination Pattern of UPSC Exams.

  • The UPSC Civil services examinations are conducted in two parts, the prelims and the mains. The preliminary part of the examination consists of two objective type papers for each of which 2 hours are provided. Whereas, the main part of the examination consists of the following seven subjective type papers;
  • The Paper 1 consists of 2 sections. The first section consists of an essay of 200 marks and the second section consists of English comprehension and English précis of 100 marks the level of which would be matriculation or Xth.
  • The Paper 2, 3, 4 and 5 focuses on general studies, each valuing to 250 marks.
  • The Paper 2 focuses broadly on the fields of Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society.
  • The Paper 3 focuses on the fields of Governance, Constitution,   Polity, Social Justice and International relations.
  • The paper 4 focuses on the fields of Technology, Economic Development,   Bio-diversity, Environment, Security   and Disaster Management.
  • The paper 5 focuses broadly on the fields of Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. Following the paper 5, the further two papers i.e. the paper 6 and the paper 7 valuing to 250 marks each are prepared from the optional subjects, the candidate chooses.

Five tips to crack the UPSC Exams:

Now, it’s a common belief that UPSC exams are the toughest nuts to crack. However, it’s true, but with simple techniques cracking these examinations can become a cake walk. Following are some tips that can be employed to crack the examinations;

  1. .Thorough Revision: It’s important to plan the studies carefully and give adequate time to the revision. General studies and Aptitude should be revised twice at least one week before examinations.
  2. Focus on important subjects: Focus on important subjects such as ecology, environment, art and culture as they constitute a large section of the examination.
  3. Mock test papers: Solving the mock test papers of previous years provides a candidate with the idea of the question paper and improves his speed and understanding considerably.
  4. Get your basics clear: Instead of cramming up, it’s advisable to have the concrete knowledge of the basics, hence time should be utilized to have a better understanding of basics.
  5. Devoting time to prepare for CSAT can be really effective for non-MBA and non-Engineering students as it can help them to clear prelims easily.

So these are the amazing tips from toppers to crack UPSC examination.