Useful sites for students for their overall benefits

With the emergence of technology, the scenarios of education world are changing with many folds. And this is where the Internet steps in, a domain of student resources with plenty of information about everything, where you can know anything that your parents and teachers have never taught you. You’re hungry alone in the home, and there’s nothing in the refrigerator, what will do? Will you stay hungry? Or just try out recipes from the Youtube videos. This is how things have become easier and students are very much benefited by the Internet.

We will talk about a few sites that might be of some help for you. Try out and let us know how they turn out to be your life saviors.

It’s just some of them from the vast ocean of sites which are making our life easier day by day. And yes, if nothing goes right, just convey it to our dear “Google,” I’m sure he will never leave a chance to amaze you.

Importance of Internet for students

The Internet is such a dark place where we can better be able to derive its benefits depending on our taste and liking. Yes, students who were up till now have limited ways to search for their research papers, projects, thesis, etc. have now got a sea of knowledge right at the click of the mouse within seconds.

It is something which couldn’t have been imagined a few years back, but thanks to the arrival of the internet in every city, area, and home, things are looking bright for students who wanted to create a name for themselves.

How sites are useful to learn new things at home


The life of a student is all about working hard and in a systematic manner under the guardianship of an experienced tutor who can better help towards every phase of life. Yes, true and to make it into a practical way, the Internet has become a trainer who guides them towards writing the thesis, projects and how to complete their specific assignments with full dedication, hard work, research and care and in time as well.

Students and education are something which is connected with each other as right, and appropriate education for students can do the trick. Therefore, when it comes to useful sites for students, then I am happy to mention few education portals which can help them gain lots of information towards learning new things as well as to crack some of the renowned competitive exams as well.

Useful sites for students


It is web portal which has some of the choicest of information for helping you to crack exams in the form of Civil services, Banking, MBA entrance, SSC, etc. , besides providing study material for CBSE, JEE, IAS/PCS, SSC exams, etc. You can also prepare for your competitive exams through the current affairs, question papers o the previous one. Also get to know about the available job opportunities to give you an edge over others.


Shiksha is one of the other useful sites for students which provide guidance about courses of various streams in different colleges in India. Students through their site can also ask about career related concerns from the experts for classes happening abroad, apart from of course Indian ones.

If you are looking for a useful site for students regarding addressing Verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, reasoning and general knowledge, then India Bix is there. You can polish your skills through the questions posed by the site in various subjects.

Importance of YouTube

YouTube is a popular video-sharing site with different educational programs to give an understanding of the specific issues in detail through the videos. As grasping things become easy, efficient and quick, thanks to the educational shows meant with an eye of creating guidance and knowledge. You can Google down so many such educational shows within seconds. It is to be mentioned that Google owns YouTube, and the combined association has certainly eased the process of creating a pleasant change in helping students with their projects, thesis, assignments, and of course research that too by sitting in the comforts of their home.

List of few sites which run educational channels on YouTube are as follows:-

  • Research Channel
  • National Geographic Channel
  • Khan Academy
  • Discovery channel