Vocational education – Training skills now, to a prospective carer option in future

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What is Vocational training?

There are so many trades and if you are opting to learn the skills of a specific trade such as carpentry, typing, welding etc, excluding your profession, then it is referred as vocational training. This type of training is solely based on grasping the skills and is more concerned with practical purpose. A big part of vocational education is concerned with hands-on training. In short, it is the training which is meant for a specific work. This vocational education comes handy for learning the art of a particular trade. The expertise directly helps the person to opt for a career in future.what-is-vocational-training

Vocational Training is provided by 2 bodies in India namely:-

  • Public Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs)
  • Private owned Industrial Training Centres (ITCs)

The concern and the seriousness of Indian Government is quite obvious towards ensuring the development of skills through ITIs.  The regulative body for ITIs and ITCs is the Director General of Training at national level and looks after implementing the different policies coming under vocational training.

Government and private bodies providing vocational training in India:

  • Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)

The body is a constitutional body which has come to existence after parliament has given its nod. KVIC gives training and honour them with certificates.

KVIC runs a big program under its banner which is namely Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP) – Its main aim is to provide opportunities of employment through opening village industries and giving the facility of loans for people to financially help in their time of need.

List of training schools:-

  • Tool Room & Training Centres:-

At a whopping budget of 50 crores, Govt has set the centre for facilitating manufacturing and is helping state governments for setting up the industry too.

  • National Manufacturing Competitive Council (NMCC):

A manufacturing unit can’t function properly due to insufficient numbers of skilled people. Hence, by realizing the same, needs of skilled hands are very much there for it to function with great authority.

  • CAPART (Council for Advancement of Rural Technology):

The unit as part of vocational education is enhancing the livelihood of rural people by imparting vocational training.

  • SRI, Ranchi (Society for Rural Industrialization): 

The skills are basically given to youth and it is in the form of personality building, communication along with enterprise management.

  • Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission:

Vocational training is the crux of development and in order to create a better future.  The unit runs free schools for children along with adult and non-formal education centres too. In order to create a better understanding and develop greater productivity, farmers’ fairs and audio-visual shows are greatly organised too. This has been done with an aim to form SHGs (self help groups) and training is given under carpentry, lathe-turning, pisciculture, poultry farming, dairy farming, incense-stick rolling, weaving etc for ensuring minimum standard of livelihood.

Gandhi Ashram in Wardha and Madurai equally nurtures the talented people too