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Web Development Quiz Summary

Once you type “Web development” on Google search bar, you will find the following definition in Wikipedia: The wide-screen term for the work involved in developing a website for the Internet or an intranet is called Web Development. It does not only mean just writing the source code, make it responsive and then run it. It’s much more than that! It has to include from scratch to top. From writing the code to designing the layouts,  or from buying the domain name to content development till launching the site, the web development encompasses everything.web-development-quiz

There are various programming languages which include such as HTML(the most basic one), CSS(for styling), PHP, C, C++, Perl, Java, JavaScript etc. to develop the website. Which is the language you’re most comfortable with? Choose the one and learn web development which has a great future in the coming days.

So, have you done any course yet? If not, learn a course here. If yes, our quiz section for the “Web Development” welcomes you to do a brainstorming and make yourself more confident about the subject. Practice always make a person perfect, so, why don’t you try it? Try out all the questions. Read the questions and instructions given before each question or a set of questions. Use “Next”, “Skip” and “Previous” buttons to go to the next questions, skip the current one and go back to the previous questions respectively. We have an “Explanation” section for you beside the questions if you feel any difficulty in solving them.

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